General Terms and Conditions of Arjada GmbH
Updated July 2016

9. Maintenance and Support Services / Service Contract

9.1 General Services (pearl)
The arja.beryll® pearl program version includes maintenance updates, which Arjada GmbH will install (about once a year) on the external server to the Customer. During the time of installation the Customer will not have access to the external server. Installation of the updates usually takes 4 to 6 hours, however, no longer than 12 hours.

Arjada GmbH shall notify the Customer by email at least 24 hours in advance about a planned server maintenance or update installation. Unless the Customer objects in writing or by email, Arjada GmbH will log into the Customer account and perform the maintenance work.

Should a need for maintenance or support services arise based on demonstrable misuse by the Customer, such services will be subject to itemized charges, which shall be submitted to the Customer in the form of a separate quote.

9.2 Service payment
Services are charged monthly, quarterly or half-yearly. The current effective rates can be seen from the price list on the website of the Arjada GmbH,

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