General Terms and Conditions of Arjada GmbH
Updated July 2016

11. arja.beryll® Customer Guideline

To ensure proper operation of the program, the Customer shall comply with the following provisions:

11.1 Data Security (light, easy, pro, peer, pearl and circle)
In order to guarantee maximum possible data security, the Customer is obligated to password-protect the Customer’s computers and data processors and to make use of the graded user access of the operating system. As a rule, Arjada GmbH does not install any arja.beryll® program versions on an unprotected computer system.

11.2 Data Backups (light, easy, pro, peer and circle)
arja.beryll® software writes backups in a specifically designated file (ARJA.BERYLL_BACKUP.bsf or BERYLL_BACKUP.bsf). Under no circumstances shall the Customer rename or otherwise manipulate this file. The backup process should also under no circumstances be interrupted. Should the Customer additionally want to store the backup files on another data storage device, Customer may do so in folders / directories to be named at Customer’s own discretion. For the arja.beryll® circle version a time schedule is installed for automatic backup of the database.

11.3 Internet Connectivity Requirement (peer, pearl and circle)
The Customer is required to have a DSL connection with a minimum bandwidth of 3Mbit/s. The Customer should by all means avoid using a connection with a lower bandwidth or an unstable connection, as this may result in irreparable damage to the databank for which Arjada GmbH is on no account liable.

11.4 Importing Images and Data (light, easy, pro, peer, pearl and circle)
Importing images or large quantities of data may take several hours. The import process should under no circumstances be interrupted or aborted, as this may result in irreparable damage to the database.

arja.beryll® (pearl und circle) For this reason the Customer should, as a rule, upload images or large data quantities only in several small data packets. If splitting up the image or data into individual data packets is impossible, for instance when binary saving a film, the Customer should choose, if at all possible, a data window when the amount of data traffic is limited (for instance, during the night or early in the morning).

11.5 Multitasking (pearl)
When working with arja.beryll® pearl, the Customer must ensure that other programs are closed. Under no circumstances should the Customer run programs such as Skype, iTunes or other connection-intensive programs, while working with arja.beryll® pearl programs.

11.6 Delayed Program Reaction (pearl)
While working with arja.beryll® pearl, delays in the performance of functions may occur. This depends on the one hand on the bandwidth of the internet connection used by the Customer and on the other on the stability of the Customer’s DSL access. In such a situation it is essential to avoid hitting buttons several times in a row, as this may result in a program crash or irreparable damage to the database.

11.7 System Failure (light, easy, pro, peer, pearl and circle)
In the event that the Customer is no longer able to start arja.beryll® or if error messages appear, the Customer shall immediately contact Arjada GmbH support. In particular, the Customer must ensure in this event that there will be no more attempts on the Customer’s part to start the program. The Customer shall make a note of the error message and, if possible, make a screenshot of the error message.

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