General Terms and Conditions of Arjada GmbH
Updated July 2016

12. Data Protection and Data Security

Arjada GmbH is aware that data, which the Customer has made accessible or provided to it for the purpose of fulfilling its contractual obligations, may be subject to Swiss federal or cantonal data protection regulations. Arjada GmbH will therefore take the appropriate organizational and technical measures required by law to protect data, and it will ensure that employees and ancillary staff who receive access to such data in order to perform the services agreed upon are informed about their obligations to protect data.

In the context of the business relationship with the Customer the need for Arjada GmbH to process and, if necessary, disseminate personal data in accordance with data protection regulations is inevitable. Unless otherwise agreed, the Customer shall allow Arjada GmbH to process and disseminate such data within its group of companies, as well as in conjunction with partners at home and abroad who are involved in fulfilling its contractual obligations.

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