General Terms and Conditions of Arjada GmbH
Updated July 2016

7. Copyright

Without the prior written consent of Arjada GmbH, the following uses of the software in particular are prohibited:

The Customer obtains a license to use arja.beryll® software; all proprietary rights to the software and to any additional inventions or developments remain exclusively with Arjada GmbH. Likewise, all improvements, additions or modifications made to the software during the term of the contract remain proprietary to Arjada GmbH. The exclusive, unrestricted rights of use and exploitation, without any limitation as to time and place, to the arja.beryll® program remain with Arjada GmbH. Not affected by this are the rights of the software development company Filemaker GmbH and particularly the rights to the basis software FileMaker-Pro. If desired, the Customer is free to negotiate directly with the provider.

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