General Terms and Conditions of Arjada GmbH
Updated July 2016

14. Confidentiality Statement

Arjada GmbH shall not disclose and especially not make accessible to third parties or otherwise use any Customer-provided information, records and data needed to fulfill its contractual obligations, which are designated as confidential and are not publicly accessible in any other way (professional secrecy).

This obligation of confidentiality does not extend to data, information and records that were already known prior to being communicated or made accessible to the contractor by the Customer or that were acquired by third parties who did not, directly or indirectly, submit a confidentiality statement to the Customer, or that are made publicly accessible through no fault of Arjada GmbH.

Arjada GmbH shall impose in writing the same obligation of confidentiality pursuant to this provision on its employees, agents and subcontractors in accordance with legal guidelines, extending even beyond termination of the employment or contractual relationship.

Upon termination of the contract Arjada GmbH shall return to the Customer by the agreed date any Customer-provided data, items and records, including in the form of copies or electronic storage devices, needed to fulfill its contractual obligations.

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