Versions & Pricing

arja.beryll® ART light | single user entry version

All versions of arja.beryll® ART represent the same software with full functional range. They only vary in the number of concurrent users and the type of physical installation.
Except for the version arja.beryll® ART light and the version arja.beryll® ART easy, there are no limitations for the amount of data kept in the database.

Our entry version arja.beryll® ART light is suitable for smaller galleries, museums or collection that are working on just one computer. This product gives you the full range of functions at a very attractive price. All modules and over 80 print layouts are included. There are only some limitations regarding the data entry volume.

Up to 400 artworks and 5 exhibitions might be managed simultaneously. Therefore you administrate by rolling wave planning for instance the two foregoing, the current and the upcoming two exhibitions and assign to each of them 80 artworks on average. You may then print the data and pictures of the last exhibition for your archive and enter a new upcoming exhibition in arja.beryll®.

All versions of arja.beryll® might be adapted or modified by us according to your specific requirements. We offer to implement additional functionality and modules, data and data structures or custom screen and print designs in order to fulfill your business needs.

arja.beryll® ART light is available as download and might be started thirty times for free. If you decide to acquire it, your test version will be unlocked. All your data is saved and you just go on working ahead.

arja.beryll® ART light grants you access to a professional software solution at minimal costs. It may also serve as an extensive evaluation period.

You may upgrade arja.beryll® ART light anytime to a single-user version arja.beryll® ART easy or pro and continue to work with your data. You will get back the costs of your light version and just pay the remaining amount plus an administration flat charge of CHF 30.- for the preparation and delivery of the new license.

Should you decide to upgrade to a multiuser version later, we are able to transfer your data. You just pay the versions remaining amount and a flat charge of CHF 250.- for the data migration.
Users included:1 User
Modules:Full functional range
Data:Up to 400 artworks, 800 pictures and 5 exhibitions simultaneously
Platforms:Mac OSX or Windows
One-time costs:License CHF 280.–
User installation:Included
Subscription costs:None
Concurrent users:1
FileMaker Pro Client:Not required - The FileMaker environment is shipped in bundle with arja.beryll® easy (except for your own software adaptions using the optional modules var.arja.beryll or my.arja.beryll)
Updates:20% to 40% of license
Maintenance charges:None
SupportCHF 160.– per hour
Custom software adaptations:May be performed by us or yourself using the optional modules var.arja.beryll or my.arja.beryll (see below)
Trial version:Download
Option var.arja.beryll:Module for your own software adaptions using FileMaker Pro, suitable for smaller software adaptions and extensions: CHF 240.-
Option my.arja.beryll:Module for your own software adaptions using FileMaker Pro, suitable for larger software adaptions and extensions (may be transfered into a new version of arja.beryll®): CHF 450.-

Custom software adaptions by Arjada Ltd.

We offer to modify or extend your arja.beryll® peer solution according to your needs, e.g.:
- Print layouts based on your corporate design
- Logos
- Specific lists and views
- Data and data structure extensions (new fields, objects and relations)
- Functional extensions
- Interfaces to or from other programs (Data Import/Export)

For custom development tasks you benefit from our reduced hourly rates (based on the effort per order):
Standard rateCHF 160.– per hour
From 5hCHF 155.– per hour
From 10hCHF 150.– per hour
From 20hCHF 140.– per hour
From 30hCHF 130.– per hour
From 40hCHF 120.– per hour

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