Trial and purchase of arja.beryll®

You may download the arja.beryll® single user versions light, easy and pro online and start to inventory your artworks right away. Please follow the instruction below.

For the versions peer, pearl and circle please contact us. So we may provide advice regarding the configuration and approach convenient in your case.

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arja.beryll® single user license light, easy and pro

-> Installation free help line: +41 44 500 39 12
Please install beforehand the free remote support software TeamViewer.

Please follow these steps:

  • Download arja.beryll® for Mac OSX or Windows

  • Mac OSX:
  • 1) Double click in 'Downloads' on the file 'arja.beryll®.dmg' and drag 'arja.beryll®' to the right onto 'Applications' ('Programs')
    2) Copy the file 'Start arja.beryll®' from 'Applications/arja.beryll®' onto your Desktop
    3) Double click on your desktop on 'Start arja.beryll®'
    4) In case you get the message 'Primary file not found...', please click 'OK' and select the file 'arja.beryll®.fmpur' on the following dialog:

    5) In case you get a message regarding a 'not certified developer', click on 'Open' respectively go to your Mac 'System Preferences', select 'Security' an press the button 'Open/Allow' at the bottom.
    6) Both messages mentioned under 4) and 5) will not appear anymore in the full version of arja.beryll®.

  • Windows:
  • 1) Double click in 'Downloads' on the file 'installer.arja.beryll®' and follow the installation instructions
    2) On your desktop there will be a shortcut/alias named 'arja.beryll®'
    3) Double click on your desktop on 'arja.beryll®'
  • In case there is a Login dialog, login with user account 'User' (no password)
  • Enter your licensee (institution, name or company), import your logo and click on button '1. Demand code' oder '1. Purchase code'
  • Fill out and submit the form in your web browser
  • You will instantly get an email with your activation code (trial version)
  • Copy the activation code and paste it into the lower field 2.
  • Click on button '3. Activate', follow the instructions and restart arja.beryll® after completing
  • Your arja.beryll® trial version is now activated and ready to start
  • In order to access the modules 'Settings' and 'User Administration', you need to be logged in with user account 'Admin', password 'admin4arjaberyll'. We recommend to change the Admin password in a multi-user environment
  • In case you want to start working with arja.beryll® productively, you'll find all necessary functions under 'Specials' -> 'Settings': logos, contract texts, empty or backup database, etc.

  • In case you purchased a license:

  • After getting the unlock code by email, go to module 'COLLECTION' and click on the upper purple button 'Purchase'
  • Paste the unlock code into the lower right field 2. and click on button '3. Unlock'
  • Your arja.beryll® license is now unlocked

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