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arja.beryll® CASTING | Special version CASTING

arja.beryll® CASTING is a special version for managing performer parts of movie, TV, video or theater productions.

Following modules are currently available:
  • Persons and Performers
  • Productions
  • Parts & part assignment
  • Pictures, documents, digital media (video's etc.)
  • Addresses
  • WebViewer
  • To Do's
  • Office: Correspondences, Offers, Invoices, Borrower Certificates, Delivery Slip, Cash Book, Project, Meeting
... Screenshots of arja.beryll® CASTING

arja.beryll® CASTING e.a. is in use by Swisscasting.
Swisscasting manages thereby the part assignments of several movie and TV production (Swiss TV, Tatort, Der Bestatter, Schellenursli, etc.).

Please contact us for information, licenses and pricing.

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